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Ritama Web Design uses WordPress


WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that is used by millions of people and companies; from personal blogs to professional businesses like Ritama Design, CNN* and The Rolling Stones*.

As of 2016 WordPress powers 25% of the sites on the web, that’s over 60 million sites that use WordPress. Wowza.

Having a CMS means that the owner/administrator of the site can go onto the site pages and manage their own content i.e., easily add/edit/delete content and images.

The WordPress CMS is powerful, intuitive and reliable. We love it, trust it, and we want our clients to be empowered with the ability to easily update their sites themselves. With WordPress, and a little training from us, you can do that.


  • Custom WordPress Websites
  • Template Based WordPress Websites
  • Converting Non-WordPress Sites into WordPress
  • Basic WordPress Blogs
  • Business & Personal Websites
  • Responsive & Mobile Ready Design
  • e-Commerce
  • Image Galleries
  • Social Networking
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Consultation
  • Training/Tutorials
  • Outsourcing Design & Programming


Our rate is $100 per hour for any of our services, from website design & programming to consultation and training. If you want us to create a site for you we’ll determine the scope of the project and then give you a detailed proposal for the costs. For consultations, training, help with and additions to pre-existing WordPress sites, we work on a hourly rate.

Our rate for non-profits is $90 per hour.

We will always give you an estimate before starting any project.


Besides being a Force For Goodness, I’m a visual artist. My background is in fine arts, graphic design, and multi-media art. I bring my “good eye”, creative sensibilities and mildly OCD project management skills to every website project that we undertake.

DESIGN MATTERS. Attractive and compelling design will keep your audience engaged and on your site.

Your viewers have an instinctive emotional response to what they are looking at. Sometimes it’s the subtle nuances of a simply arranged layout that brings a feeling of pleasure to your viewers. Sometimes it’s beautiful imagery, snappy fonts, a wonderful logo or colors that work well together. Have people associate your business with feeling good. See our portfolio.

SMART PROGRAMMING MATTERS. Work with a developer who will make sure that everything on your site runs smoothly.

Having all the functionality work well on your site sends a message that your company pays attention to detail. Drop-down menus that are glitchy, links that don’t go anywhere, forms that don’t work, these things make your viewer frustrated and they’ll leave. Ritama Design will give you a site where everything works properly and loads quickly.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS. We bring our caring, support and goodness to every project and will give you a quality experience when you work with us.

Having an experienced web developer on your team is a huge asset. We’ve been creating websites for over 10 years, and working with WordPress for over 5 years. We keep up with the latest developments in WordPress, we’re forward thinking, know the questions to ask, and offer ideas and solutions for so your website will remain viable in the long run. We are not kidding when we say that we are WordPress Experts! Reviews from past clients.


Our clients receive training on how to manage their WordPress site themselves. Depending on location, we give tutorials in person or remotely. I use a program that allows you to see my screen and visa-versa. All training tutorials are recorded and the client is given the video after the tutorial.

If you have an existing site and need assistance remembering how to “do it yourself” with either basic admin or more complex coding, we are happy to help.


We are available for consultation if you need assistance defining the scope of your project, design direction and/or determining which features of WordPress are best suited for your website.


Have you created your own WordPress site and then gotten stuck or confused? We can help get your project done! We’re available on an hourly basis and usually in just a few hours you’ll be up and running with everything working properly. We can also give you a tutorial on how to maintain your site once you’ve got it going.


Responsive design means your website will reformat to whatever mobile device it’s being viewed on; tablets and smart phones. Responsive design offers a better user experience and as more and more people are turning to mobile devices to access websites, you’ll want your site to render properly or risk losing viewers.

Ritama Design ONLY does responsive design on our WordPress sites. We feel setting up websites in responsive design is in the best interest for the client. We don’t want our clients to spend good money on a site only to have it outdated before it’s launched. It doesn’t make sense, and we are ever so sensible developers.

This website, Ritama Design, is fully responsive. Check it out on a tablet and smart phone and you’ll see how the layout adjusts for each device.


Link to your Facebook, Twitter and other social business pages to connect with your viewers.  Add “social feeds” to your website to stream current updates. Add “Sharing” links and allow people that visit your site to share it within their networks.


Ritama Design provides basic SEO for all of our sites using WordPress SEO plugins. Usually, that’s enough to get you found in local searches. However, if we determine you need more robust SEO for your site we have companies we work with that do SEO exclusively that we will refer you to.


We prefer that our clients host their sites on Tigertech Web Hosting and sign up for the Business Web Hosting Plan. We have worked with Tigertech for over 12 years and feel that they are the best web host in the known universe that we have ever worked with in terms of service, support and value.


Ritama Design is available to sub-contract with other web developers. We offer design services, programming services or both to help with your workflow. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your WordPress web development project(s).


* Click here for Anderson Cooper’s CNN WordPress site
* Click here for The Rolling Stones WordPress site
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