Ritama Web Design is the creative team of Ritama Haaga and Pam Nilzon.  We are WordPress experts and use the Avada theme for all of our projects. We’ve been  building websites for over 15 years.

Let us be A Force For Goodness when it comes to your website project. Our core strengths are strong communication, compelling design and smart programming. Work with us and be dazzled by our amazing website abilities, our commitment to the project and the level of detail, caring, and commitment we bring to everything we do!

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Ritama Haaga - wordpress web development Seattle

Ritama Haaga – Creative Director, Project Coordinator

I had been a graphic designer for a number of years and in 1999 my clients started asking me if could do their website in addition to their print work. I said “no” a few times and then I thought, “I need to start saying yes!” By 2001 I had completed a web development course at Western Washington University and I started creating websites.

Those first few years I designed and programmed all my sites, but by the time I met Pam in 2008 I was ready to let the coding part go and concentrate on what I do best, design and project management. Joining forces with Pam was the best move of my career! Working together has enabled me to offer my clients so much more than I could by myself.

I’m a visual artist. My background is in fine arts, graphic design, glass and multi-media art. I bring my “good eye”, creative sensibilities and mildly OCD project management skills to every website project that we undertake.

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Pam Roberts - wordpress web development Seattle

Pam Nilzon – Programmer

In 2005 I was working as a jewelry designer and realized I needed a website. I enrolled in an online course, learned Dreamweaver and within 10 weeks had built my first website.  I was hooked!  That was the end of my jewelry design career and the beginning of my career as a web developer.

In early 2008 I met Ritama, designer extraordinaire, and we began collaborating on HTML websites. Soon thereafter we discovered WordPress and all its goodness.  Actually it wasn’t nearly as good back then as it is now.  Working with WordPress as it has evolved and learning cool new stuff along the way has been an exciting journey, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings!