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Why an "off-site" file back-up is important

I have 2 TB's (that's 2,000 GB's) of external hard drive storage AND I have a virtual off-site storage as well. Sounds like I have OCD Backup? No, really it's because even if  you have your files backed up on an external hard drive (which, at the very least you should) they could still be [...]

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How the Web Was Won – Internet History

"I heard about this thing called the Internet. I thought, That sounds kind of interesting. The first thing I did is I actually picked up the phone and dialed 411, and I said, I’d like the number for the Internet, please. And the operator is like, What?" ~ Sky Dayton (Sky Dayton later founded EarthLink, [...]

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WordCamp San Francisco Observations

I flew down to San Francisco at the end of May and went to WordCamp San Francisco with my brother Chris. Chris works for a gigantoramous tech company and was interested in finding out what WordPress was all about. It was great to go with him, just made the event all the more better, and [...]

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