Here’s a short video that BackBlaze Online Backup made that talks about the importance of backing up your files.

It totally sucks to lose important work files and information, pictures of friends and family, songs, all because you don’t think that your computer is going to die on you.

Well guess what?

Computers     fail     all     the     time……………………….even really good ones!

It happened to me with a 3 year old Macbook Pro. It was acting a bit pokey so I hit “restart” and it never, ever started again. Luckily, I had most of my files on two External Hard Drives, but not everything, because I was manually doing the back-ups to the Externals and I just didn’t do it every day, ok? I mean, I was busy!

After that happened I decided to get an automated virtual back-up, so I didn’t have to think about backing up and also because what if something happened to my computer again? Or External Hard Drives? Like they failed? Or got stolen? Or if my office burned down? Or a hippopotamus got loose and trampled my equipment?

After trying out some online storage companies and being hugely disappointed with their systems I signed on with BackBlaze. What a relief to have found them! Now I can back-up everything – as in an unlimited amount of data. And it’s easy. And, here’s the amazing crazy part – it’s $5 a month!  F  I  V  E  dollars. What? $5 for piece of mind? I can buy two chocolate cookies for $5 and those cookies will temporary make me feel satisfied, but those cookies will not back up my system.

With all my files backed up on Backblaze I don’t think about failing or theft or fires or rampaging hippopotamus. I just eat cookies and hum a lot.

So there.

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Baby who needs Backblaze Online Backup

Didn’t back up?
Don’t come to crying to me when your hard drives fail!