That’s right, it’s time to talk about VIRTUAL BACK UP AGAIN.

If you don’t have your computer files backed up on a virtual server you are at risk to lose everything* – wow, talk about the voice of DOOM! I just never thought that voice would be mine…I’ll shut up,  just watch the videos.

These videos are produced by my favorite online storage company, Backblaze.


Need more convincing?

Click here for another post on Backblaze.

Click here fore even MORE info on why virtual back up is important.

Ok, so I am on their site endorsing their exceptional backup, but I get nothing for that. Just the glory of being able to recommend them to people I like, like you! I said some nice things about them and they asked me if they could quote me on their site, that’s how I got there :)

Backblaze Online Storage, Ritama Web Design

* Voice of Doom says: Your computer’s hard drive can fail! Computers get stolen! External hard drives fail! Theft! Floods! Plague of Locusts! Augh!!!!! So, get Backblaze and tell that Voice of Doom to take a flyin’ leap.

Use my handy affiliate link to sign up: Backblaze Virtual Online Backup


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