Maplehurst Farm Weddings in Mount Vernon, WA was ready for a new site with more advanced features than their old one and we were happy to help create something beautiful with them.


The biggest change was the addition of a Calendar. The owners can now block out the dates – all by themselves –  that are already taken for events. This makes it sooooo much easier for the owners and for people interested in having a wedding or other special event at Maplehurst. No more phone or email tag trying to schedule a date – instead they simply go to the site, click on the Calendar link and can check the free dates for the next five years! Then they call or email to secure the date. Pam and I reviewed WordPress Calendar plugin options and thought this the best plugin for their needs and a prettier alternative to having a “standard” Google Calendar for this page.

The Calendar is a cool plugin and we’ve added it to our WordPress arsenal. (Do I even have to say that we only work with WordPress anymore? I mean, I blab about it on every single other on this site…)

I worked with their graphic designer and she created the logo and the background image of the trees. It was a good collaboration and the results made everyone happy.

It’s a gorgeous place, so if you need a special venue for a wedding or other big event, be sure and contact Jessie & Jeff! Oh and check the Calendar first to be sure the date you want is available :)

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