Seagate External Hard Drive FAIL!

External Seagate Hard Drive FAIL!
Seagate rep said the drive had failed and it was dead. No going back. All data lost. Fuggitboutit.
If I kept it plugged in it would just corrupt the data on it.

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Backblaze Online Data Backup Videos!

That's right, it's time to talk about VIRTUAL BACK UP AGAIN. If you don't have your computer files backed up on a virtual server you are at risk to lose everything* - wow, talk about the voice of DOOM! I just never thought that voice would be mine...I'll shut up,  just watch the videos. These [...]

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BackBlaze Online Back-Up

Here's a short video that BackBlaze Online Backup made that talks about the importance of backing up your files. It totally sucks to lose important work files and information, pictures of friends and family, songs, all because you don't think that your computer is going to die on you. Well guess what? Computers     fail   [...]

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Why an "off-site" file back-up is important

I have 2 TB's (that's 2,000 GB's) of external hard drive storage AND I have a virtual off-site storage as well. Sounds like I have OCD Backup? No, really it's because even if  you have your files backed up on an external hard drive (which, at the very least you should) they could still be [...]

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