Claudia Garcia Interior Design by Ritama Website Design & Development

Claudia Garcia of Claudia Interiors had a website that was not working for her.

Last year, the previous web developer had set up all her image galleries in “Flash” – a program that has not been supported by any mobile devices, such as an iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, etc…for the last three years!

This was problematic as the images of her interior design work are what attracts people looking for fine interior design for their luxury homes.

With millions of potential clients using iPads and smart phones, she was totally “un-see-able” on their mobile devices; only a blank page would appear in her Portfolio section. Horrors!!!!

Ritama Design fixed up all those images galleries so now they can be seen everywhere and redid the layout to really showcase the images of her work.

Then we set up a blog page so Claudia can post new projects and her thoughts and ideas on interior design. She can also manage the content on the other pages as well thanks to WordPress.

Pam Nilzon, my hot-shot programmer extraordinaire, also set the site up in a “responsive” web design, so now all those millions of people viewing her site on their mobile devices will have the site “respond” to the correct size for their device and show up beautifully – it’s pretty cool. Kudos to Pam for being on the forefront of the “next great thing” in web development! (We can do your site in a responsive design too!)

Needless to say, Claudia was delighted with the changes and especially the fact that her site was now visible for anyone on any device who wants to visit it.

Another happy ending using WordPress with smart design & development!

Click here to visit Claudia Interiors new website!