Donaleen Saul's New Website by Ritama Web Design

A few years ago we created a website for Donaleen Saul using the WordPress software. Since that time Donaleen’s business has grown and evolved and she required a new website design that reflected her current services and a new “identity” for herself as well. Of course, it would still be in WordPress!

I had a great time designing the site layout. Initially, for the Services images on the Home page, we were looking at images that were more literal – y’know, a typewriter for the Writing and Editing Services, typical stuff like that. But they were boring and left us feeling flat.

Donaleen and I both agreed we were not satisfied doing something typical/expected. I started looking for other ways to express the Services she was offering. Happily, I discovered some beautiful illustrations on a stock photo site that I knew would be perfect for the mood of the site that we were trying to create. The illustrations incorporated a “felt-sense” of how Donaleen works – not an in-your-face-literal-translation.

The design color pallet moved into pastels and is full of birds and flowers. It works incredibly well in giving an emotional translation to the work Donaleen does as she is very hands on with her clients and communication is paramount in her line of work. When a visitor lands on the Home page they get a sense of beauty and playfulness, it’s an uplifting experience and sets the tone right away that there is something wonderful happening here.

We also created a simple Store for Donaleen to sell her Coaching and Writing Services packages.

Of course, since it’s WordPress, Donaleen can update everything on the site herself, even the Store page!

Donaleen was thrilled with how her new website turned out. I think we can safely predict that this site will stay relevant for years to come.

Check out her site for the wonderful coaching, Feng Shui and writing services she offers!

Visit Donaleen Saul’s website.