Evergreen Gardens Weddings by Ritama Design

Evergreen Gardens Weddings is a gorgeous venue for outdoor weddings and receptions in Bellingham, WA. Patti Johnson, the owner, had a site that was a few years old and starting to show it’s age. She needed something new that would connect to the younger generation of brides and grooms that she caters to, in terms of design and social media.

We felt that big, showy images of the weddings, receptions and grounds would help her audience get a quick overview of the venue and be able to imagine themselves in the setting. Luckily, Patti had  loads of beautiful images to showcase.

We added Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Email This To A Friend social media links so her viewers could share the site with their friends as they decided on where they wanted to have their wedding.

Another feature that we felt was important was setting the site up in a responsive design, so the viewers could easily view the site on their mobile devices, like an iPad or iPhone. Responsive Design is the latest, greatest website innovation in that it makes a website “respond” to whatever mobile device the viewer is accessing the site from and however they are holding their device, be it portrait or landscape. The site reformats itself to fit into the confines of the device. Pretty slick. Check it out on your tablet or smart phone to see what I mean

Patti has a large number of images and we used the Next Gen Gallery plugin to accommodate them. All the images show up as thumbnails and then expand when the viewer clicks on the image.

Of course we did it all in WordPress – what else? Now Patti can go in and blog about the latest wedding at Evergreen Gardens Weddings, add images to the galleries and update any of the pages she wants.

Thinking of getting married? Check out Evergreen Gardens website and have your special day there!

Click here to go to the site.