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Client Reviews

What does it take to turn a 20-year-old visually sedate website loaded with thousands of words of archival material into a bright, visually exciting, easy to use, and very modern website?

I’d say it takes a magician! And that’s how I think of Ritama.

Starting with the eyes, her primary design concept. These are indeed the eyes of Ishmael. They grab you the minute you land on the home page. Just as they grabbed the student in the opening pages of the book that spawned our website.

These eyes I think sustained and inspired us through the long and sometimes tedious process of reinventing the site.

Presented with a mass of content, Ritama waved her magic wand and imposed order and structure and clear navigation. She sent me combing through old files for photos and used them to help tell our story in a new way. She took great pains to make sure every detail worked in the best way possible.

Though work on the site took several months more than we expected, the end result is beyond what I anticipated.

Working with Ritama was a joy! Her enthusiasm, patience, and diligence buoyed me up as we slogged through all the material.

For a website design and development experience that is more than just “getting the job done” I wholeheartedly recommend Ritama!

– Rennie MacKay Quinn, proprietor

When Ritama was recommended to us to rework our outdated website, I did my homework: looked at her site, looked at the sites she had done and talked to people who had worked with her. I loved what I saw. I loved what I heard. And I loved working with her.

She listened to me as I told her what I needed and what my board wanted. Intuitive; easy to edit; pleasing to the eyes. Thank you Ritama Design for giving us our best website ever.

Molly McNulty – Executive Director, Skagit River Poetry Foundation

​Regarding Ritama, short & simple​ – you can’t go wrong hiring ​her.​ She is hard-working​, ​very smart, very creative, listens to the client, responds quickly to email, delivers on-time and on-budget, ​patiently ​teaches you how to use WordPress, and, most importantly, wants the best for every client​.

Jill Ryan, Board Member, ​Friends of the Pike Place Market​

Like most companies, we had some strong ideas about what we wanted in our new website. Ritama respected these ideas but also made it a lot better. I liked the way she would give us 2 or 3 options for a certain page, all of them good. We needed it to appeal to the design community but also to the rest of the construction industry, and she accomplished that. I get compliments on it all the time.

She was always positive and understood when we couldn’t get our part of the work done on time. We appreciated that she was low pressure with us, but also kept things moving. I would recommend her to anyone!

Dan Quatier – President, Interior Tech

I kept procrastinating on writing the content for my new website. Ritama gently and persistently encouraged me, step by step. Once she started building the website, my part got easier and easier.

Our design review meetings were productive because Ritama would propose design choices, and all I had to do was pick my favorite. I love my website, and it’s easy to update the calendar by myself!

Kit Muehlman, Yoga

Ritama has done an excellent job keeping me up to date on techniques for telling my visual and print communication stories in a creative and effective way. The transition to Word Press was easy under her direction and has made the change process much easier. Although her instructions on how to do things myself were clear and understandable, she would gladly step in and make changes and edits for me when my lack of skill was starting to hold up the process. She listens, is very responsive and easy to work with. I have already recommended her to several other businesses.

Boyd Vander Houwen – President, Vander Houwen Public Relations

When we contracted with Ritama Design to create a new website we had to work with her remotely. Ritama assured us we could do this over-the-phone and via Skype, but we were skeptical at first. However, as we entered the process, she lead us through a series of prompts with such diligence, commitment, and attention to detail that we felt as if we had a new promotions director/advocate on our side.

Ritama Design came in on budget and on time with a smart, contemporary design. We highly recommend that you reward yourselves with the custom design and efficient delivery of Ritama Design. It’s an investment you’ll not regret!

We are getting positive feedback for our beautiful new website everyday.

Jenny Pohlman & Sabrina Knowles – artists extraordinaire

I’m thrilled to have Ritama as my web meisterin. After two family members had miserable experiences with web designers, I felt incredibly fortunate to find someone like Ritama. She was always on time with her work, easily tuned into my aesthetic sense, was always encouraging and patient, explained everything thoroughly and consistently did what she said she’d do. She exceeded my highest expectations!

She is a person with high integrity, a rare find in the world today. I am thrilled with my new website! Ritama both rocks and rules.

Donaleen Saul – author and creativity coach

I was thankful to have found Ritama to guide me through the process and to have her as a resource for any questions that came up after the site was completed.

Ritama is a good communicator. She was able to effectively explain concepts and requirements going through the design process.

She also trained me on how to manage our Word Press website moving forward. One thing I have found to be extremely helpful is the video tutorials Ritama created during the training process. Ritama would record our training sessions and send them to me for future reference. These recording have been extremely helpful! I have used them multiple times to refresh my memory to do updates on our site.

Our website was completed on budget. I enjoyed working with Ritama and I have already referred Ritama Design to people who were looking for a partner to design their websites.

Cindy Gosnel – Manager, William Morris Studio

With my website many years out of date, I was dreading the process and expense of updating my studio web page and blog.

From our first phone meeting onward, Ritama was a great listener and asked all of the right questions to get me where I needed to go, on time and on budget. Ritama taught me the ins and outs of search engine optimization, responsive design, and mobile platforms. I am thrilled with the outcome and all of the lessons learned along the way.

You could not ask for a better design strategist than Ritama. Her insightfulness, reassurance and humor is the perfect combination to keep your project on the rails and moving forward. I never thought I would be able to maintain my own website and now I can!

Perri Howard – painter & public works artist

Every time I go to my website I’m amazed at how beautiful and user-friendly it is. Even more amazing, the process of designing it and putting it up was easy and fun, start to finish.

All credit goes to Ritama, who has wonderful ideas, loves her work, is unfailingly sunny and always follows through. What more could you ask for?

William Powers – best-selling author, Hamlet’s Blackberry

Ritama understood what I was dreaming about in a website and made it materialize – painlessly and quickly and much more beautifully than I could have imagined.

Best of all, she was happy to create a site that I could update and manage myself, and then taught me how to log on and do it.

When other authors describe their long tales of woe about internet sites, and complications encountered, I feel grateful for Ritama, and recommend her without hesitation.

Martha Sherrill – best-selling author, The Ruins of California, The Buddha From Brooklyn, and more