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HWF is an organization close to my heart so this was a special site to work on. The original website was over 20 years old and I was thrilled when offered the chance to overhaul and re-design it. Pam and I created a fresh new look for HWF, helped organize content, installed beautiful photo galleries, and set up a new blog, donation & adoption pages. It was such a pleasure to work with the HWF to make this happen!

After a few video tutorials the HWF Team now edits the website content and creates blog articles about their latest events and adventures all on their own.

Founded in 1996, Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund’s mission is to protect protect native wildlife, focusing on coastal and marine wildlife species across Hawaiʻi, including the hawksbill sea turtle (honuʻea) and the Hawaiian green sea turtle (honu), and many other finned, feathered, flippered, and plant friends. HWF engages and inspires their communities, keiki (kids) and volunteers in education, outreach, marine debris removal, conservation, research, and advocacy campaigns and lawsuits to keep Hawaiʻi alive and wild.

They are an amazing organization and a Force For Goodness!

Click here and find out more about Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund.

Testimonial from HWF coming soon!

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