William Morris Studio wanted a new website that was as dynamic as the work he did. With such incredible images it wasn’t difficult to put together a beautiful site! The opening to the site is a video loop of Bill working in the hot glass studio. Scroll down and you’ll see images of the work and image links to other popular pages on the site.

We used video and slideshow galleries to highlight his pieces and used a black & white close up of one of his pieces for the background on the site. Our objective was to make a contemporary and up to date site that would serve Bill well into the future while making it easy for viewers to find our more about him and purchase his work.

“I was thankful to have found Ritama to guide me through the process
and to have her as a resource for any questions that came up after the site was completed.

Ritama is a good communicator. She was able to effectively explain concepts and requirements going through the design process.

She also trained me on how to manage our WordPress website moving forward.
One thing I have found to be extremely helpful is the video tutorials Ritama created during the training process.
Ritama would record our training sessions and send them to me for future reference.
These recording have been extremely helpful! I have used them multiple times to refresh my memory to do updates on our site.

Our website was completed on budget. I enjoyed working with Ritama and I have already referred
Ritama Design to people who were looking for a partner to design their websites.”

Cindy Gosnel – Manager, William Morris Studio

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