google…..that’s what I always tell my clients! Because it really does help get traffic to your website. But it’s hard, I know because, sadly, I also suffer from the dreaded Blog-avoidance-itus. A condition where one is seemingly incapable of writing a blog post no matter how little effort it takes.

Like my clients, I also think I am too busy to spend that elusive 10 – 30 minutes creating new articles to post. I think I’ll do it tomorrow, or next week, or…..soon.

But you know what happened the more I delayed? My Google Rankings went down! I’ve ranked pretty high for WordPress and Website Developer searches in Seattle and I LIKE that. It’s made my business very successful. So when I saw my stats going down I upped my blogging.  Apparently blogging made a difference and it also gave viewers another way to find me in the Search Results by my blog posts coming up.

So keep it up, even if it’s just once a month it can make a difference in your Google rankings.

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has a great website with tons of blogging tips – free!