William Powers, author, Hamlet's BlackBerry

William Powers is the author of Hamlet’s BlackBerry, a book about building a good life in the digital age.

This was a really fun job and it’s been exciting to see our client’s career take off like a rocket!

Pam and I created a clean crisp site for William. Of course we used WordPress! We’ve got some cool widgets and features on this site, like the auto-updating Appearances page – plug in a date for an event and it automatically goes to the “Past Appearances” section when it’s over. The Archives page (in the NEWS section)  is also a departure from the ordinary and looks

We’ve actually created TWO sites for William, the other one www.hamletsblackberry.com will go live in about a week. William will be blogging about living a more “dis-connected” life on that site. Be sure and check it out!

Another cool side to this project is that last summer I had the pleasure of creating a web site for his wife, Martha Sherrill, who is also a wonderful writer. This is a talented family!