We recently added HTTPS/SSL to many of our clients websites. This means that when a viewer goes to their site on the Chrome browser they will see a green lock and the word SECURE next to it. Like this:

This is an important upgrade in terms of security and Google is really pushing it and now WordPress is too. Chrome is the Google browser and WordPress likes Google and where Google & WordPress go….we follow :)

You’re probably wondering “Why is WordPress Pushing HTTPS?”

I found 2 good articles from Semper Plugins and SangFroid outlining the reasons.
It’s mildly techy stuff, but basically:

  • It is no secret that greater encryption and cyber security has made the Internet a safer place for users. As usual, a Google update signaled the necessity of HTTPS for user experience, SEO and internet security.
  • You could see a number of things happening to your site over time if you do not upgrade to HTTPS. The first may be facing the consequences set out by Google, i.e: lower rankings and having your users staring at a “Not Secure” warning when they try to access your site via Google Chrome.
  • You could struggle with WordPress updates and lose some or all functionality on specific WordPress plugins.
  • Your site may be an easier target for hacking.
  • Google is giving preference in rankings to sites that have HTTPS installed.
  • And perhaps most importantly: having a NOT SECURE notice affects the credibility of your site!  Viewers that come to your site via Chrome will see NOT SECURE and probably not understand what that means and might leave if they are afraid of getting a virus or their personal info hacked.
  • It does not matter if you have an eCommerce site or a personal blog or whatever. Google is doing this to ALL SITES regardless.

Those are consequences that require you to seriously reconsider if you really want to take the risk of not upgrading to HTTPS.

See that big ol’ red triangle and NOT SECURE? This type of BIG UGLY RED warning may easily be interpreted by visitors to mean that your site has been hacked or compromised affecting the perceived credibility of your website. These severe notices will be coming soon.


Here are the articles that I have referenced in this post and recommend reading for more information: 

Semper Plugins – WordPress Will Require Users to Have HTTPS This Year

SangFroid – 2017 is the Year Google HTTPS Ranking Gets Real

Notice from WordPress

Thanks Visual Hunt for the “https://” image!

Attention Ritama Design clients that do NOT have HTTPS/SSL, contact us and we’ll do it for you.
Sorry anyone else reading this article, we will only do this for our WordPress clients.