Out of 32 million results for Seattle WordPress we come up
on the first page if you are searching in Seattle! WOOT!


Yoast SEO!

We use the Yoast SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin for all our WordPress sites created in the last 2 years.

Why? Because it’s an awesome plugin! And it has really helped our clients boost rankings for local searches to find their business. Yoast offers a free plugin for WordPress sites, but we recommend getting the Premium Local or Premium SEO (or both) for your website.

I use Yoast for and because of Yoast (plus also good Home page content and blogging) my site ranks really high on the first page of Google search results for “Seattle WordPress”, “Seattle WordPress Professionals” “Seattle WordPress Developer” and “Seattle WordPress Experts”. All of which are keywords when someone is searching for someone to help them with their WordPress site or create a WordPress site in Seattle. But people have found me as far away as New York when they are searching for a WordPress developer!

The sites ranking above my site are usually paid for ads or giant companies that work with WordPress. So to have our “salon/boutique” website business rank close to them and on the first page is a huge boon for us!

I’ve also taken the Yoast SEO training course to learn more about boosting sites via the “organic search results” that Google displays – “organic” means you are not paying for ads to get to the top of the page in searches or on the first page. (FYI – any site that is using Google Ads has “AD” before it with a box around it). If you can get high on organic search results that will save you a lot of money not paying for ad’s on Google.

I parlay my training knowledge in Yoast SEO for my clients and use it when setting up their Yoast plugin.

There is a LOT involved with even just basic SEO and honestly, Google is a monster and it’s so hard to figure out what they like to get higher rankings. But the good thing is that Google loves WordPress sites and Yoast (a WordPress plugin) is totally on top of what Google is doing in terms of algorithms to help your site get seen and working their plugins to accommodate that.

High rankings are important as most viewers don’t go past the first or second page of search results to find what they need. So you want to be seen immediately in search results and you want to have the best plugin for it. Like Yoast!

If you are my client, or thinking about becoming a client, we can install the Premium Yoast plugin and we’ll configure it so you’ll get better results on Google searches.

That said {BIG DISCLAIMER HERE} SEO is a HUGE thing! We can offer only so much and can not guarantee results! But we do our best (Yoast helps tremendously), and if you need more help to rank we can recommend companies we work with that do that.

All in all, even if you are not working with us and you have a WordPress site I HIGHLY recommend getting the Yoast Premium Local and/or Premium SEO for your site!

The initial costs for Yoast Premium Plugins are totally manageable for your site: $69 – $89 – with a yearly licensing fee that is close to the same as the initial cost.

Go Yoast!